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According to the statement from Huawei, Huawei Better World Summit, Huawei CEO Guo Ping started with the opening speech of.

Thousands of participants from more than 80 countries took part in the online Huawei Better World Summit, where China Telecom, Etisalat, MTN, GSMA and 3GPP / ETSI executives were among the speakers, to evaluate the contribution of information and communication technologies to new economic growth. .

The CEO of Huawei, Guo Ping, whose views are included in the statement, emphasized that the synergy that will occur in the fight against the pandemic will reveal the true potential of the technology.

Pointing to the importance of working together to combat pandemic, Guo Ping noted:

"Pandemic has shaped our culture of living and working and hit the world economy heavily. Information and communication technologies offer concrete solutions to help tackle Kovid-19 on multiple fronts in this process. As an information and communication technology company, to overcome this epidemic Based on our previous experience, we have developed solutions with different scenarios focused on information and communication technologies to help combat the pandemic. In this way, to help all countries in the most productive way, from hospitals to distance education. we share our experiences globally.

For us, technology is not limited to network connections. When technologies such as advanced computing, cloud and artificial intelligence come together, they strengthen each other and create countless opportunities. Huawe has a significant power in each of these areas. We actively develop these technologies to create scenario-based solutions that meet the needs of our stakeholders. This development is the key to success in business life. Huawei works to foster growth for all organizations in this value chain. "


Huawei CEO Guo Ping stated that considering the current economic environment, GSM operators should focus on both short-term and long-term goals.

Stating that they continue to develop different suggestions as Huawei in order to use distribution networks more efficiently, Guo Ping said, "First of all, operators should prioritize the user experience and invest in the most needed areas to maximize the value of existing networks. companies should make the most of existing 4G and FTTx networks, integrate into new networks through holistic coordination and precise planning. Priority should be given to hotspots and important industry practices in network distribution planning. "

Guo Ping stated that they will continue to invest heavily in R&D. Whatever the conditions, we will always fulfill our obligations to our customers and suppliers. In doing so, we will help grow the digital economy and advance technology. " used expressions.

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