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Samsung introduced on February 11, while the official sales in Turkey with foldable başlancak the Galaxy S20 series on March 6 glass screen phone Galaxy Z flip to The hike came before it was released.

The South Korean company introduced the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Flip models 10 days ago.

These 4 phone models, which were opened to order through Samsung's online store, have experienced a price increase before meeting the user.

Here are the new prices

Accordingly, the sales price of Galaxy S20 series models, which was previously announced as 7 thousand 799 TL, has increased by 500 TL. The new price was 8 thousand 299 TL .

price 10 days prior to the price of the Galaxy S20 Ultra described as 11 thousand 999 TL in Turkey has increased $ 500. The new sales price of the Galaxy S20 Ultra rose to 12 thousand 499 TL .

Galaxy Z Flip also received a foldable glass screen phone from the last minute hike. In the Galaxy Z Flip, which is announced to be 13 thousand 499 TL, the hike has reached 1000 TL. The current price for the Galaxy Z Flip was 14 thousand 499 TL .

The price of the Galaxy S20 + has not changed yet.

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