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The GPS developed by the United States provides location with very precise clock signals. GPS used in mobile phones and navigation devices shows the current location on the map. To use GPS on mobile phones, map information must be installed. There are 24 GPS satellites around the world, 18 of which are operational.

. It has a wide field of view due to the satellites being too high, broadcasting location and time information. Nowadays, getting lost with GPS is no longer a problem and it is very easy to get location and location information. GPS satellites rotate fast enough to travel the world twice a day. The signals they send to the world are perceived by GPS receivers.

GPS working in all weather conditions and all over the world gives users the chance to follow their routes as they determine their locations. Anyone with a GPS receiver can use the GPS system. In the first examples of GPS systems, while it is used to determine the location of radio stations, today it can be used in many areas and purposes. It is possible to use it everywhere, except where the signal flow is difficult or impossible.

What are the Features of GPS and Where to Use It?

GPS collects target signals and determines the location of the target object on earth. The received signals are updated momentarily for the entire system to operate properly and efficiently. Although GPS was first established for military purposes, today it can be used in many areas. While those who use GPS as a civilian can determine their speed measurements precisely, they can see the limits of the properties. As the coordinates can be marked on the map, visuals such as photographs can also be added.

GPS used for military purposes makes it easier for soldiers to find objects in unknown dark places. In open and wide lands, soldiers can search more easily and the potential location of the target in the air and on the ground can be determined.

The target is hit by advanced military weapons with the help of GPS. Reconnaissance and patrol missions can easily perform their duties. Potential threats are monitored and measures taken accordingly.

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